Sam is a motivated, forward-thinking, customer service leader who is extremely knowledgable in her field. Her skills, insights, and dedication made her a breeze to work with. As a team member or a leader, Sam would be an asset to any company.

- Yehudis Milchtein

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Sam is a fantastic customer success professional. She knows how to manage customers, clients, and employees... More importantly, she knows how to balance all of these groups' interests and needs, even if they sometimes contradict. She's also great at putting together playbooks and training people to follow them. I highly, highly recommend working with her!

- Wojciech Gryc

I had the opportunity to meet and work with Sam during a recent short term project. I have worked with many CS professionals and Sam is one of the best. Her attention to process and results driven strategies provides any startup client an exemplary partner. She knows her stuff inside and out. It is clear that she will be a winning addition to many of my startup teams! I look forward to a very fruitful future through our collaborative efforts. We make a winning team for any startup!

- Paula Jansen

Sam is an incredible person to work with, and I would highly recommend her to lead Customer Success and CX teams and goals. I managed her work as a contractor on my team, but within a short time her leadership and expertise were apparent enough to make her a lead on her own. She is an excellent collaborator, communicator, and leader, equally at home with customer relationship and accounts as she is with difficult tech. She easily bridges what is often a gap between customer and engineer by being data-driven and analytic in her thinking, and will always pursue customer ROI as a top priority.

In terms of collaboration and communication, everyone on our team loved working with her. She is accountable to a degree that is hard to match, even by the high standards of an engineering team, and is without fail professional, kind, and calm. She has a fantastic ability to stay focused on goals rather than distractions.

She managed her team with expertise as well, and her direct report CSMs were delighted to learn and follow her lead.

- Karen Ivy

I have the pleasure of reporting to Sam in my current role at Lineate. Reporting to Sam I am able to experience firsthand the plethora of business acumen, experience, and extraordinarily high EQ that she brings to the company.

Sam is not only integral in ensuring the Customer Success department hit their goals every quarter, but she has also been invaluable in my own professional development, guiding and advising me on how I can succeed in my current and future roles within Lineate.

Always leading by example, Sam made my day to day an absolute pleasure. Clear and concise in her explanations, thorough in ensuring my understanding, and a welcome shield from aspects of the business that would have detracted from my goals, I believe I have developed more under her leadership that at any other point in my career.

In short, Sam is a stunning asset to both the company that hires her, and the employees that work alongside her.

- Nick Heffernan

I had the pleasure to have Sam as my director of Customer Success. Sam played a great role in the creation and growth of the Customer Success department at TouchBistro. I learned a lot from Sam on how to establish work processes, how to communicate them within teams and when to be flexible to adapt to the customer´s needs. I would recommend Sam.

- Guillermo Herrera-Valencia

I had the pleasure of working with Samantha for two years at Toronto Star Digital. She is a very talented and brings passion and dedication to all of her work. Samantha went the extra mile to implement processes for the SMG Marketing team , all the while, maintaining strong relationships with both her clients and account teams. She is very driven and always wants to produce work that is of the highest quality.

- Christopher Salvatore

Samantha is a gem! She absolutely amazes me on a daily basis with how incredible she truly is at her job (and in general, of course). In my professional career, I have seldom met people as meticulous, logical, sharp and thoughtful as Samantha. She gives her all in everything she does and it's always apparent in the end result. I'm incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with her and hopefully have had some of her insight rub off on me!

- Vanessa G.

Samantha is a delightful, happy, hard-working and versatile individual. She can always be relied upon to set herself fully to the task at hand and to do so while smiling and putting smiles on the faces of all her colleagues. She leads and trains staff with a carefree coaching manner that is completely supportive and in no way intimidating - an exceptional capability that she seems to come by naturally, making her all the more genuine.

- Tomer Strolight

My favorite thing about Sam is how she both earns and owns her confidence. I remember vividly Sam walking into TouchBistro at its worst possible time. We were the epitome of a "growing pains" company, having just raised our series B, and front-loading sales without any real infrastructure or process on the back-end (and there are a ton of moving parts!). Sam clearly came in with a lot of experience because she started digging in on day one and 2-3 months later it was like night and day. I still can't believe she persevered through the number of challenges we had and made it a success.

Between her work ethic and her truly great personality, I can say without a doubt that she's one of my favorite people I've come across professionally.

- Marc Fortin

I had the pleasure of working with Samantha for 1 year in a collaborative (sales/account mgmt) effort to drive advertising revenue for Torstar Digital. The one memory I'll always have in working with Samantha, is that she was razor sharp with both internal & external stakeholders... (just about as sharp as her fashion sense!). Samantha was extremely thorough in caring for clients from pre to post-sale and internally, built great relationships and was never afraid to put forward great ideas to improve both product & process. Samantha is an asset to any company fortunate to have her onboard.

- Billy Bambao

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