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Sam provides complete online programs for small to mid-sized eCommerce business owners. Grow your eCommerce store to the next level with cutting-edge customer engagement strategies.

How We Can Help

Which stage are you in?


- Low sales
- High costs
- No/Little profits

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- Increasing sales
- Reduced costs
- Some profits

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- Consistent sales
- Reduced costs
- Increasing profits

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- Reducing sales
- Constant costs
- Reducing profits

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RevUp Accelerator


Everything is online — no travel required.

You have lifetime access to the training, so you can go through the materials on your own time and work at your own pace.

Completion Time

Varies by course (based on courses purchased) 4 - 12  weeks


Learn everything you need to know to maximize your email marketing for your eCommerce store. Achieve real results with the RevUp Accelerator program.



Who is it for?

Businesses operating online.

What does it do?

Maximize your business's email marketing and achieve real value with this eCommerce marketer's toolkit. Learn about your buyer's personas and sell to them, learn about your customer's journey, and more!

RevUp Success Program


12 month Private Client Strategy and Recommendations, Optimization Advice, Digital Growth Marketing, including Email and SMS marketing. Quarterly customer journey mapping sessions. Monthly 90-minute one-on-one Zoom calls. Slack access to Sam for ad-hoc support.

Completion Time

Varies (project and retainer-based)


Available Now


Varies by Tier (based on project and the number of hours with Sam)

$500 - $6,000 / month

Who is it for?

Businesses operating online

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Online Marketing

  • Automation

  • Lead Generation

  • Systems

  • Sales Process

  • Programs and Offerings

  • and more

What does it do?

Grow your business like never before without having to work more.

We will roll up our sleeves as an extension of your team and provide practical advice and tactical help as your expert email (and e-commerce partner, when needed).

The RevUp Success Program  will provide you with a full year of mentorship with Sam to fix your current business gaps and achieve massive, tangible growth in income, client base, and company size within a 12-month time frame.  

Our team provides the strategy, optimization recommendations and tactical execution support needed to increase your online sales. We will unearth hidden opportunities, test new approaches, and grow your business through iteration and optimization.  Together, we can move mountains!

Together we will

  • Get focused and achieve your goals

  • Crush your income ceiling

  • Expand beyond your local market

  • Attract the Cloud Nine Customers

  • Expand your business through online marketing

  • Get your business systemized

  • Manage your time like clockwork

  • Find untapped income opportunities

  • Set your business up for scale

  • Greatly increase revenue

VIP Consulting Day


1:1 Private Consulting Day with Sam on Zoom (virtual due to Covid-19)

Completion Time

Choose from 4 hours or 6 hours


Meet with Sam on Zoom for 4 - 6 hours to create a complete Business Growth Plan.

Sam will provide you with detailed pre-work prior to your call and create your VIP Day Agenda based upon it.

Then you will then set your goals for the day. After you and Sam will go to work, finding the best solutions, creating an action plan, and preparing for your execution plan. The entire session is recorded. After your VIP Day, you will have access to Sam for 4 weeks to follow up with any questions you may have via email.


$5,000 - $7,500

Who is it for?

All Online Business Owners

What does it do?

Finds the hottest growth opportunities in a short amount of time. After the consulting day with Sam, you will be able to walk away with a complete execution plan with strategies and steps to launch your business to the next level.

RevUp Auto-Pilot Progrm


Everything is online — no travel required.

Email automation set-up.

Completion Time

Varies by package
2 - 12 weeks



Varies by package ($5,000 - $14,000)

Who is it for?

Businesses operating online

What does it do?

Set your business on auto-pilot with an automated email campaign set up. Sit back and allow our experts to bring your eCommerce email campaign to the next level.

Ecommerce Email services

Done For You Services—

Next-Level Email Marketing

All eCommerce email flow plans include complete email marketing solutions from setup to design, to A/B testing.

Results-Driven Campaigns

My main goal is to provide you with RESULTS. Everything done in the email flow is to achieve one thing: growing your business.

Reliable Support

As email campaigns progress, questions can come up or maintenance may be needed. I am just a phone call away.

Essential Package

What's Included

  • Email automation series consisting of 3 emails

  • Unique email designs for each series

  • Klaviyo integration

  • Workflow setup

  • Litmus/EOA testing

  • Automation setup and deployment

  • On-going maintenance

  • Email design and development

  • Email setup and testing

  • Welcome email

  • Cart abandonment email

Optional Features

  • Copywriting

Deluxe Package

What's Included

  • Everything from the Essential Package

  • Browse abandonment email

  • New Customer Post-Purchase Emails

  • Repeat Customer Post-Purchase Emails

Optional Features

  • Copywriting

Platinum Package

What's Included

  • Everything from the Deluxe Package

  • Winback emails

  • Re-engagement emails

  • Replenishment emails

  • Copywriting

Any Other Features

You get everything!

*All plans require a one-time set-up fee. Our automation flows require Klaviyo. If you do not have a Klaviyo account, you can get one here. Turnaround time is 14 busines days.
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Why Work With Me?

I have years of experience providing actionable solutions for eCommerce businesses looking to expand their sales. By specializing in Shopify and Klaviyo, I provide cutting-edge email marketing campaigns to take your store to the next level.

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