Big Business Strategy for the Little Guys!

When I left my corporate marketing career behind, I realized there was a huge opportunity to bring what I’d learned with me into the entrepreneurial space, helping small business owners access tried and tested email marketing strategies to generate more revenue, grow their businesses and improve their quality of life. In this week’s blog, I explore the ways big business strategy can benefit the little guys, and why I’m so passionate about delivering exactly that!

One of my biggest realizations when I started my own business was just how difficult it is to access the information, training and strategy you need as an entrepreneur to successfully scale your business. There’s so many mixed messages, countless experts, and often a very limited budget to spend on trial and error and testing.

When I first started to work with other entrepreneurs, initially as an accountability coach, I began to realize that the knowledge I’d gained through my years working in corporate marketing was not in fact ‘common knowledge’. As human beings, I think we have this tendency to normalize our own expertise and experiences, and assume that because we know something, everyone else does too. I soon realized that absolutely wasn’t the case for entrepreneurs when it came to email marketing strategies.

I realized that for many entrepreneurs, email marketing was a bit of a mystery, partly because they simply didn’t have access to the research, testing or levels of investment that big corporations had at their fingertips. And that gave me an idea that lit me up: 

What if I could bring all of my corporate experience, expertise and strategy together and impart that knowledge onto entrepreneurs who could use them to generate revenue? What if I could bring Big Business Strategy to the Little Guys, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it?

Long story short: That’s exactly what I now do inside my business!

I absolutely love being able to bring the depth of knowledge I gained in my corporate marketing background to entrepreneurs, particularly women of colour and from minority backgrounds. It feels like an incredible opportunity to pay it forward, doing something I love and which will also leave the world better for those to whom it means the most: Small business owners working to look after their families, communities and loved ones.

I help the women I work with to implement tried and true strategies, bypassing the huge investments big corporations make in research and testing, empowering them to generate more revenue, enjoy running their business, and improve their quality of life.

The thing I truly believe, which underpins the work I do and the approach I take is this: There is an abundance of money and resources in this world.

There’s no shortage of customers willing to pay, and no need for there to be a monopoly on effective email strategy for the big businesses who pay to develop it. It’s entirely possible for small business owners to create an email marketing strategy that aligns with their audience and product, generates fantastic revenue, and helps them put in place a longer-term, strategic roadmap for the future of the business, ensuring their continued success.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the proven email marketing techniques I teach my clients, and want to explore how big business strategy could help you grow your eCommerce business, I’d love to invite you to get in touch with me via email at

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